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LP Analyst Launches – Press Release

LP Analyst Launches – Press Release
LP Analyst Launches Consulting Firm Providing Innovative Program Management Solutions to Private Equity Investors

LP Analyst provides private equity limited partners with best-in-class, non-discretionary, independent advice and analysis.

LP Analyst specializes in private equity 1) fund due diligence, 2) fund and portfolio monitoring, 3) portfolio evaluation and 4) fund and direct valuation.

LP Analyst provides in-house teams with a more cost-effective alternative to traditional consultants.

DALLAS, June 26, 2012 — LPA Management, LLC today announces the launch of LP Analyst, an innovative consulting firm providing private equity limited partners with best-in-class, non-discretionary, independent advice and analysis.

“We plan to be very disruptive to the traditional private equity consulting model,” says Bill Farrell, co-founding partner of LP Analyst.  “We have dramatically evolved the depth and quality of analysis available to private equity investors and made it more affordable.”

LP Analyst’s private equity 1) fund due diligence, 2) fund and portfolio  and 3) portfolio solutions all reflect industry best practice and provide leverage for organizations that lack the time, resources or systems required to efficiently produce advanced analysis in-house.

“We are intensely focused on improving the way private equity portfolios are built, monitored and managed,” says Katita Palamar, CFA, co-founding partner of LP Analyst.  “This involves constantly evolving our solutions and finding new ways to help our clients gain a competitive advantage for their programs.”

In addition to its more traditional solutions, LP Analyst offers specialist advice in the form of its private equity fund and direct valuation services, which provide independent third-party support for secondary buy-side and sell-side decisions and other transfers.

“Valuation of private equity fund interests can be extremely complex and time consuming,” says Palamar.  “We are experts in this area, having valued over 1,500 unique limited partnership interests, representing more than $15 billion in net asset value.  Since LP Analyst is completely independent, our valuation services provide clients with truly unbiased value assessments to help better inform critical portfolio management decisions.”

LP Analyst’s solutions integrate seamlessly with a client’s existing processes, allowing for increased focus on higher value-add activities like overall program management, GP relationship development and LP networking.  More specifically, LP Analyst enables clients to 1) evaluate opportunities more thoroughly and efficiently, 2) actively monitor developments and manage risk, 3) improve cash flow forecasting and budgeting, 4) maintain investment policy compliance and 5) make better-informed active portfolio management decisions.

And unlike traditional consultants, all of the firm’s solutions are offered on a standalone or subscription basis, ensuring LP Analyst clients do not overpay for phantom services or unnecessary hand holding.

“We founded this firm based on our philosophy and core values,” says Farrell.  “Nothing energizes us more than building more advanced, cost-effective solutions.  With LP Analyst, we have done this by developing the private equity industry’s most efficient, streamlined process for gathering, visualizing and interpreting private equity data.”

“We are passionate about adding leverage to our client’s programs and helping them maximize every invested dollar through great analysis,” says Palamar.  “Our due diligence solution has been particularly well received by limited partners and is a great way to get started with us.”


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