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GP Modules™

GP Modules™


Top performing General Partners are increasingly seeking ways to provide existing and prospective investors with more independent, in-depth, transparent analysis than ever before to reinforce critical aspects of their track record and streamline the fundraising and diligence process.


GP Modules™ is an independent analysis solution featuring the most critical performance calculations demanded by top Limited Partners. Each module is calculated based on manager-provided track record details and can be shared with existing and prospective investors to help present your past performance at a more granular level and assist investors in evaluating your probability of future success.

LP Analyst’s founders have extensive experience providing these types of analyses to a broad range of private equity fund managers.


  • Benchmarking
  • Alpha Analysis
  • Value Creation
  • ‘Slice and Dice’
  • Team Attribution


  • Reinforce performance w/ independent analysis
  • Measure performance, alpha, and value creation
  • Better understand the source of current returns
  • Confirm standing among top managers
  • Share with existing and prospective investors
  • Streamline fundraising and diligence processes
  • Realize cost savings relative to consultants

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